8 Early Cancer Symptoms Frequently Ignored

8 Early Symptoms of Cancer Frequently Ignored

Hallo Female - Cancer became one of the dreaded disease. The number of deaths caused by this disease makes people more alert. The number of types of cancer that you should be aware popping, because the symptoms are often caused different.

Cancer is not always indicated by the appearance of lumps or rashes on the skin. This is the early cancer symptoms that is often ignored.

Chronic Abdominal Pain 
Gastric cancer is often regarded as ordinary ulcer. Mild symptoms such as nausea, sore and often the symptoms appear, can be a sign that you should see this condition. Although medications can relieve mild heartburn symptoms, if it continues over and over, you should see a doctor.

Shortness of Breath 
One of the early signs of lung cancer are shortness of breath. It is different with those who suffer from asthma. Another symptom is cough can last for weeks, either dry cough or slimy. These symptoms will very likely occur in smokers. So if you are short of breath or cough will not go away, you should see a doctor.

Similar Flu Symptoms
Early symptoms of lymphatic cancer is similar to the flu, including pain in the whole body and fever. Fever is often the case could be caused by cancer that has spread, according to notes written by the American Cancer Society, especially for those who are affected by leukemia or lymphoma.

Hoarse Voice
Hoarseness is not only caused by cough or sore throat. If this happens hoarseness up to 2 weeks, even if the condition worsens, you should be checked further. Hoarseness is often a symptom of throat cancer or lung cancer, even thyroid cancer.

Arm And Shoulder Pain 
Aches and pains that occur on the arms and shoulders for no apparent reason could be a sign of lung cancer worsening. Enlarged lymph nodes that can shoulder press on nerves, causing pain before emerging feeling of suffocation.

Often Bloating 
If you are a woman, these symptoms must be considered. Bloating that occurs during menstruation or a few days before menstruation is a normal thing. But if it happens often, ask in-depth examination by a physician. Abdominal ultrasound is recommended to determine if you have ovarian cancer.

Difficult Urination 
In men who often have difficulty urinating, then be aware of these symptoms as early symptoms of prostate cancer. Neither difficult urination or a weak urine flow into, both to watch. Immediately consult a doctor and ask for a test to ascertain whether it is prostate cancer or not.

Often Feel Tired 
Often feel tired are the early symptoms of some types of cancer, but the most common is leukemia. According to the American Cancer Society, often feeling tired for no reason (even though you had enough sleep and do not do heavy work), you should immediately see a doctor.

Do not ignore any symptoms even though it was small. When your body's slightest signal, means there is something wrong and you should consult.

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