Natural Treatment of Appendicitis Symptoms

Natural Treatment of Appendicitis Symptoms

Hallo Female - One of the problems that often attacks the digestive anyone is appendicitis. At the time this happens, the appendix becomes blocked and bacteria infections that are inflamed and cause pain.

However, before it turns bad, and you still experience mild symptoms, then it would have been useful natural treatments. These are 4 kinds of natural medicines to treat symptoms of appendicitis.

1. Green beans 
When you have symptoms of appendicitis, then eat green beans, it is one of the most effective natural treatment. This is because the green beans have fiber that is easily digested so it can shed the blockage of the appendix. This is supported by the content of green beans healthy and complete, from carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

2. Ginger 
Ginger is also very good help cure appendicitis. If you eat ginger food or steeping ginger drinks, this will reduce nausea and vomiting. Ginger is also at once is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that can warm the body and kill the bad bacteria in the gut. Steeping ginger drink with honey in the morning and afternoon to relieve the symptoms.

3. Honey and lemon 
Lemon is a natural cleanser, not just for kitchen appliances, but also the body, coupled with the healthy benefits of honey which has the unquestionable. Brewing lemon with honey will stop the development of bad bacteria and aid digestion or constipation problems because of appendicitis.

Lemon water and honey will be very well taken in the morning because morning time is schedule to dispose of biological waste in the stomach which will work as a laxative in order to facilitate your exhaust system.

4. Turmeric 
Of course you already know that turmeric contains very powerful healing properties, so it is also very good to relieve the symptoms of appendicitis. In addition to helping relieve inflammation in the intestines, also helps kill bad bacteria. So, drink grated turmeric with a little water and honey every 2-3 times a day to cure appendicitis.

Drugs with natural ingredients that have been mentioned above would be very helpful when the appendix is still in the stage of mild and moderate symptoms. When you are already experiencing severe symptoms, then of course the natural treatment is not much help because the body has already rejected anything that enters the body. If you have this, surely the only way is surgery.

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