5 Healthy and Bad Habits That Make Women Look Older

5 Healthy and Bad Habits That Make Women Look Older

Hallo Female - Many people want to look younger than actual age, but there are some unconscious habits can make you look older.

"Little habits we may not even think of as being bad for us - either on the inside or outside of our bodies - can make us look much older," said Dr. Erika Schwartz, a chief medical officer at the Age Management Institute, New York City.

If you do not want to look older than actual age, here are 5 healthy and bad habits that you should avoid. 

Exercise is good for health, but over exercise is not good. Dr. Schwartz said that people who jog or run a lot are good examples, but if excessive will make parts of the body such as hips, knees and ankles age faster because of too much work.

Drinking through a straw
Enjoy a drink with a straw is more practical and will not spill, but the action is the same as smoking cigarettes. The constant puckering will cause fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and make you look older. Drink straight from the glass or bottle tip.

Sleeping on your face or on the same side of your body
In terms of health, sleep on your back is recommended. While sleeping with your face in a pillow covered with a cotton pillowcase creates friction between the pillowcase and your skin. If you often sleep with a sideways position, it would be better if replaced pillowcases with made from silk. Avoid pillowcases of cotton because it will make the skin friction and can create smooth lines come sooner.

Not wearing protective sun 
One of the causes of skin looks old is frequently exposed to sunlight. Because it is highly recommended that you wear a sunscreen lotion, sun block, wear sunglasses or an umbrella, especially if you often do out door activities.

Often slouching when sitting 
Pay attention to your posture, especially if your often sit for a long time, for example at work. Sitting straight is highly recommended, as it will make you breathe better. "When your body is in a hunched posture, your body doesn't function as efficiently as when you're sitting straight. In addition, slouching can lead to curvature of the spine and other health problems. It's bad for your appearance and bad for your health. "If you sit in front of a computer all day, sit up every few minutes and stretch,"said Dr. Schwartz. Stretch a few minutes so that the body does not experience fatigue and upright posture remain yours. People who have a hunched posture is often considered to be older, then pay attention to your posture.

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