How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Under Armpits

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots Under Armpits

Hallo Female - Being a woman is not easy. Appearance is one of the factors of female attractiveness. In addition to weight loss, women's issues are quite disturbing is dark spots under armpits. Therefore, the dark color under armpits is certainly less unsightly when you're wearing a sleeveless dress or swimsuit.

Here are four tips how to get rid of dark spots under armpits.

The buildup of dead skin cells 
One of the most common causes of dark spots under armspits is a buildup of dead skin cells. Dry skin, soap is too harsh reaction on the skin, and often sunbathe, are the principal cause of the thick dead skin cells on the armpits.

To remove it, try to regularly scrubbing at least twice a week. Choose a scrubbing cream that serves as exfoliator. This cream is able to remove dead skin with maximum results.

Shave armpit hairs
Among the options available on the market, the treatment to remove armpit hairs by revoked and shaved, make dark spots under armpits. The reason is many shaving cream just powerful "eradicate" armpit hairs only from the surface. As a result, root hairs is still left behind and bind dirt and grime under armpits.

In addition, revoke and shave armpit hairs make new hair grow thicker and rough, no doubt this make annoying itch. For that reason, it is advisable to choose waxing or laser treatment. In this way the skin becomes sore and painful, but it tends to be more powerful as well as waxing removes dead skin around the armpits, so that the skin could be brighter.

Use baking soda 
Concoction of baking soda which is made ​​into a paste can be a practical and affordable solution. The trick is rub baking soda that has been mixed with water until thick around the armpits regularly. If you routinely apply, it can remove dead skin cells and brighten the color of your armpits.

Although it is not scientifically proven, but not a few experts who believe that the content and the formula in underarm deodorants cause armpit skin blackened. However, if the choice becomes bad body odor or dark spots under armpits, certainly a lot of women choose the second option.

To get a bright and fragrant armpits, you should be careful in selecting a deodorant product, it is advisable to use a high mineral content, organic or natural ingredients that can brighten the skin such as vitamin E and F.

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