4 Common Migraine Triggers That You Should Know

4 Common Migraine Triggers That You Should Know

Hallo Female - Extreme sense when the headache attack, often makes a person can not perform daily activities, including when experiencing a migraine. If you are one of the women who also have problems of this one, then you also need to know the common migraine triggers.

The following 5 common things that can increase the potential for migraine triggers.

Food and drink
Do not get used to eating salty foods and foods that have been cooked many times such as soup, vegetables, etc. Do not eat processed foods such as sausages and corned beef because it can increase blood pressure that also migraines trigger. Do not also consume alcoholic beverages.

Skip meals
People with a history of migraine also should not forget to eat. Because when you skip a meal, the brain does not get adequate nutrition so that it makes you stress and trigger a migraine.

Food preservatives and artificial sweeteners
Chemicals in the food should also not much goes into your body. Some artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate food preservatives (MSG) can trigger a migraine.

Hormonal changes
Often when the menstrual cycle come, you are also prone to migraines. This is due to hormonal fluctuations that are not balanced, and make estrogen trigger headaches including migraines. Lack of estrogen during menstruation can trigger the arrival of migraine.

Well, that's some of the biggest migraine triggers. You also need to avoid a state of physical stress and mind because it can cause migraines. Let's avoid the common migraine triggers and healthier life.

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