Guide On Doing Right Meditation

Guide On Doing Right Meditation

Hallo Female - There are so many benefits that you can get from doing meditation. And most importantly, meditation can make you become calmer mind. Moreover, several studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress.

Meditation looks very easy. However, only a few of you who could do with a proper meditation. Here guide on doing right meditation.

Choose the right time and place that is convenient
In meditation, make sure you are in a relaxed state. The place and the atmosphere is very influential when you do meditation. Therefore, you should choose the right time such as in the morning or afternoon and a place away from the crowds.

Comfortable position
After finding the right time and place that is convenient, now you can do meditation. Do not forget to choose a comfortable position for your posture. Make sure your back straight and your head held so it is easy to concentrate.

Eyes closed and focus
Start closed her eyes and breathed deeply. Count up to 10 counts each time you take a breath. As you inhale, do not forget to let the body relaxed.  Likewise so on, until you finish meditation.

Discard emotions
What you think will often interfere with your meditation. Moreover, when the mind is mixed with emotion. This will certainly make your meditation so no longer effective. Therefore let you stay focused and such kind emotion can be overcome with the meditation.

Enjoy and smile
Do not make meditation a heavy thing. Meditation does not require a lot of power. You only need to focus and calm while doing it. By enjoying your meditation, you will get maximum results. The mind becomes quiet and calm. Do not forget to smile while doing it.

Meditation is not an exercise or ritual. And you also do not push yourself when you really can not do it. Good luck ..

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