What Men Notice In The First 5 Minutes of The First Date

What Men Notice In The First 5 Minutes of The First Date

Hallo Female - Not a few women who often wonder about what is considered by the men when the first date. Through a book called The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, the author, Dr. Paul Dobransky, outlining a number of physical features that concern men in the first five minutes of the first date. Here's his review.

There is a saying that states the eyes are the windows to the soul. Therefore, we think we all understand why the part of face that was first noticed by men when the first date is the eye.

Many studies show that when a person smiles at the first meeting, this means that he shows interest to you. So, try to smile more because you never know where the man who will fall in love with your sweet smile.

Research shows that most men prefer women with hair groomed, neat, shiny, and smooth. Therefore, the hair reflects someone who is clean and respect themselves. So, do not assume that the time you spend in the salon is futile.

Men like women who have a pair of slender legs and can not be denied that the foot is one part of the body first noticed by a man on a first date. So, make sure your feet, especially the fingers, pretty clean and well maintained.

Men pay attention to the woman's chest, it is an "urgency" common nature. However, if during the dating his eyes keep on your chest area, you should immediately leave him complete with an expensive dinner bill.

Fashion style
Recent studies show that men prefer women who dress gracefully than those who wear clothes that are too open. Therefore, women's fashion style can reflect most of her personality. Therefore, do not select any fashion, you should adjust the time and place you will visit.

You might be surprised to know that men also pay attention to things that are not exclusively related to sex. One of them is the appearance of your skin. Therefore, not a few men who believe that a healthy-looking skin and maintained can produce healthy offspring as well.

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