What to Do If Your Children Getting Bullied by Their Friends

What to Do If Your Children Getting Bullied by Their Friends

Hallo Female - Refusal of the surrounding environment, not only adults but also hurt children. As the growth of children, especially those who are in school, conflict and hostility is certainly prone to happen. Well, when your child experienced anything like this, how do the right deal?

In addition to emotional support, according to a professional consultant on social problems of children and adolescents, Barbara R. Greenberg, Ph.D., parents need to teach children the steps to overcome the rejection that may occur in their social environment.

"When you have more than one child, then teach it to each child in a different time. Therefore, each child has a way of thinking and acceptance of different, "said Greenberg.

Then, Greenberg also suggest the following points:

DO NOT teach this to children:

  1. Do not encouraging children to let their friends who treat them inappropriately, both verbally and behavior. Point out that the bully is a negative action has a consequence and punishment. Thus, in addition to be able to keep themselves, your child also understands that the prevailing hostile and rude to others is not a good deed.
  2. Do not make the child feel weak. Greenberg said, words like "You're too whiny", "You have to fight", and so on can make a child feel inferior and more depressed.
  3. Do not always defend children. Too often say "Let mothers who completed", can teach children so not independent. Defending the child is necessary, but guide them to be able to maintain themselves without your help. However, as a good parent, still monitor the development of the problems faced by children with attention and personal communication.

NEED to teach this to children

  1. Teach children to introspect themselves. It is true that when a child is bullied or scolded by others, as a parent you certainly do not receive and be angry. Try to control emotions for the sake of the child in the future. One is to communicate by asking the children to introspect themselves, examine why their friends did not want to play with them, and of course guided the child to correct the unfavorable nature.
  2. Teach children to empathize. Find out if the child who hostile them, are experiencing family problems, if it is true, then ask the child to empathize with no way to enter the hearts and focus more on a good friend as well as a lesson in school.
  3. Teach children about another rejection in the future. Therefore, it is possible that the hostile nature and rejection will also be felt by the child in the future. Therefore, be patient and pray to guide the child to be able to accept the less pleasant things in life with a commendable attitude as well as pride.
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