How to Make a Happy Marriage and Long Lasting? Apply This 4 Simple Words

How to Make a Happy Marriage and Long Lasting? Apply This 4 Simple Words

Hallo Female - Some say that the love evidence must be more than the words. But in fact, every spoken word has the power to sustain your marriage. In the wedding world, love has not always been the main capital, because the effort to understand each other, compromise and respect will be the pillar that brings your wedding on happy track and long lasting.

How to make a happy marriage and long lasting? Here's 4 simple words that should not be forgotten after marriage.

The word "please" would have you learned since childhood. The word please will make you appreciate the other person you ask for help. Unfortunately, increasingly many people forget the word "please" especially after marriage. So start using the word please, even for things that you take for granted.

Thank you 
Sometimes appreciation of your partner does not have the stuff or something WOW. Sometimes to say thank you, this will make a couple more respect and not be lazy to help you. Did you say thank you when a husband gives salary or annual bonus? Did you thank your husband while preparing tea warm while you catch a cold? Then began to multiply as an appreciation of thanks to the efforts of your husband, no matter how small it is.

Everyone has done wrong, including you and your husband. Never prestige to apologize, especially if you are aware that it is your own fault. Apologizing will not make you lower, but it makes you know the error and try not to repeat them.

I love you 
It may sound trite but whisper "I love you" should be present every day, no need to wait for special days. Although your husband indifferent, these words will make him smile. Do you feeling young again? There is no prohibition of any age to say "I love you". In fact, the couple marriages have withstood decades never missed to say "I love you" to their partner. These words have the power to make love stay young.

Let's start more often utter four words above to make your marriage happy and long lasting.

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