Tips How to Handle Child Won't Eat

Tips How to Handle Child Wont' Eat

Hallo Female - In general, children under five would rather play than eat. Not a few many mothers who feel stress facing this phase. It felt as if all means have been done. What should to do?

In fact, the child is difficult to eat due to the transition from breastfeeding to complementary feeding, and adult food. This transition often makes children appetite decreased.

Facing this situation, the mother should be more creative and of course a lot of patience. However, you do not worry, there are some tips how to handle child won't eat.

Food colors
Plate full of food colors can evoke the child's appetite. One of the most effective way is serving a variety of green vegetables, orange, or red. However, do not forget the taste of food. Be sure to cultivate delicious and healthy cuisine.

Limit sugary drinks
Do not be too often giving sweet drinks to the child. In addition to increasing the amount of calories, this kind of drinks can make children satiety and finally lazy eating. Instead, give fresh juice with sugar to taste.
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Serve healthy snacks
To prevent the teeth are not damaged and increased appetite back, try to present a natural sweet snacks. For example bananas or grapes, apple slices, peanut butter, and low fat yogurt.

Pay attention to your child's behavior
When the child pushed his plate, it indicates the child is full. If enforced, it can cause trauma. This is the embryo that eventually makes children lazy to eat.

Accompanied with supporting supplements
One of the complementary supplement is ideal for children that contains lysine or essential amino acids. The content of such supplements offer a variety of positive benefits in increasing appetite and support the development of the child.

Also choose a child's appetite enhancer supplements containing vitamins A, D, and E. These three vitamins that can be absorbed by the body perfectly. Then make sure your choices of supplements also do not contain artificial colorings and alcohol free, so it is very safe to take your child.

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