5 Parents Behavior Inhibit The Development of The Children

5 Parents Behavior Inhibit The Development of The Children

Hallo Female - What  the parents did, it would have a major impact on the development of the child. How will the child develops also depends on the behavior and attitudes of parents. There are five behaviors of parents that can actually inhibit the development of the children. For parents (or expectant parents), pay attention to your behavior now because what you do will greatly affect the physical and mental development of your children.

Making everything easier for children 
A psychologist Madeline Levine said that we need to let the child fall in order to learn the way with their own feet. And the "rule" is also preferably still used in many other things. As the children get lost in a race or get a bad score, give them spirit that the failure is just part of the process for a successful in the future. Prepare your children early to be able to accept the sweet and the bitter reality of life that they will face.

Negative comments 
Judge or give negative comments to a child can be extremely harmful to the development in the future. If a parent has often give negative comments to their children, then the child's self confidence could be decreased drastically.

Excessive praised 
According to research conducted at Stanford University, children aged 1-3 years who get the credit for the work they do and not on the talent they have, five years later they could more easily face the challenge and have a higher motivation. Parents should not praise a child excessively. Praise children for the work that they have done is not only limited to the words "smart," "beautiful," and so forth.

Let them to deal with the risks
Learning to take risks is the same as learning to gain confidence and learn about the limitations they have. Let the children play freely outside (but still in the safe supervision) so that they can explore themselves and learn to deal with the risks that they face.

Always meet the demand for children when they started fussy 
Many parents prefer to take a practical things when their children began to fuss. For example, when fussy children ask for something, do not immediately give what they asked. If you are accustomed to directly give the children what they are asking when they are fussy, then the children will have an understanding that they can get anything they asked with a bit of a cry and fuss.

The role of being a parent is not an easy role. Along with the growth of children, parents need to do a variety of techniques to educate and nurture them. But when they saw the children are able to grow optimally later in the future, parents will feel like the luckiest parents in the world.

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