Who Do More Suffer After Divorce, Women or Men?

Who Do More Suffer After Divorce, Women or Men?

Hallo Female - Recent research conducted by the New Gallup to 131,159 adults aged Americans who are single. The respondents have the status of a variety, ranging from single, married, and pairs. As a result, marriage increases the welfare of each couple, husband and wife.

In addition, this study also found that while divorce, women suffer more than men. The reason is the welfare of women tend to decrease after a divorce. However, such things do not happen in men.

To understand why after divorce, women suffer more, researchers compared the daily stress of respondents report that includes the well-being and use of medication for relaxation. Apparently, a lot of women who took a medical prescription to improve mood and balance their emotions, regardless of the status of the relationship. Then, between married and divorced women, it turns out divorced women have the stress level reaches 55 percent, it is higher than men.

The researchers suspect financial factors cause women are more easily stressed. Apparently, this is because the earnings of men in America is higher than women. However, this study also said that married women who divorced much happier than single women.

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