Knowing The Adverse Effects Of A High-Protein Diet

Knowing The Adverse Effects Of A High-Protein Diet

Hallo Female - One well-known method of diet is high-protein diet. Although many people who do this diet claimed weight down a lot, but experts say these diets are less safe.

Those on a high-protein diet, eating more protein sources such as milk, meat, cheese, or eggs. Due to intake more protein than carbohydrates, fats, or vitamins, it turns out the effect is actually harmful to the body.

Those who do high-protein diet known to four times greater risk of dying from cancer, compared with those who run the low-protein diet. The risk of death due to a high-protein diet equivalent to the mentioned 20 cigarettes smoked each day.

Adverse effects on high-protein diet is known from studies involving 6,381 adults, aged 50 years and over who were followed for 18 years. Those who do this diet 74 percent risk of dying before the end of the study.

The respondents in this study consumed an average of 16 percent were two-thirds protein derived from animal protein.

The results of this study also underscore, suitable diet at a certain age can not necessarily be applied to other age. Therefore, before deciding to do a certain diet, better consult a doctor so that the result is more optimal and uninterrupted health.

Adverse effects of high-protein diet on the elderly is higher because it actually makes them susceptible to disease.

Adult protein needs every day ranging from 46 grams that can be obtained through fish, meat, eggs, whole cereals, or beans.

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