TLC Diet, Special Diet Lowering Cholesterol

TLC Diet, Special Diet Lowering Cholesterol

Hallo Female - There are so many types and kinds of diets that you can apply. All diets actually good and can succeed, as long as you do it regularly and consistently. One is the TLC diet. What is the purpose of this diet?

TLC stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes, which aims to change the diet, or more precisely regulate cholesterol levels in the body by changing your diet and lifestyle.

This diet was first proposed by the National Cholesterol Education to help people improve physical health by eating nutritious foods, getting a healthy body and lose weight.

The main purpose of this TLC diet is helping people to lower their high cholesterol levels, but also highly associated with diet and weight. In the TLC diet, it is advisable to avoid the following foods.

  • Reducing intake of saturated fatty foods or reduced calorie intake at least as much as 7%. Or limit caloric intake as much as 2400 mg.
  • Limiting intake of sodium or salt least 2400 milligrams, or about 1 teaspoon per day. 
  • Adding physical activity to burn calories with exercise and weight loss process. 

TLC diet mainly focus on reducing the consumption of saturated fats such as fried foods, beef, goat, pig and others who experience the process many times and cooked by frying. To familiarize yourself, you can begin to reduce fried foods and fatty foods and replace with fruit juice. Eating reasonable amounts and cooking by boiling, or used as soup and heavy exercise at least 30 minutes every day.

Within a few weeks, you will experience significant weight loss with cholesterol levels are also decreased, although this is not specifically a diet to lose weight.

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