5 Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

5 Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation

Hallo Female - If you have heard about meditation, then you need to know about one type of meditation called pyramid meditation . This meditation is one of the most powerful meditation techniques, and as the name suggests, you will be under the auspices of the pyramid while practicing meditation.

The shape of the pyramid is often regarded as the peak energy gradually. Therefore, meditation is done under the pyramid, it's believed to increase energy in the body. One of the benefits of pyramid meditation is self-awareness and tranquility. In addition, pyramid meditation also provides benefits such as:

Improve vision 
Pyramid meditation helps to increase and improve the ability of the eye due to a more relaxed muscles and more oxygen into the blood so it can flow to all neurons, including the eyes. It was also able to strengthen the eye muscles.

Improve hearing 
If you do the pyramid meditation, hearing ability can also be improved. It should be backed by a calm and natural situation, so the body and mind can relax and healing and improving hearing ability can be better.

Reduce hypertension 
If you are calm and in a relaxed state, your blood pressure can go down and back to normal. If meditation continues, you can maintain a stable blood pressure and prevent hypertension recurring.

Reduce insomnia 
When the body and mind relax, along with regular breathing, the oxygen enters the body will be much better and the blood circulation more smoothly. So, you will be able to relieve stress and reduce insomnia at night.

Relieve arthritis pain 
Ideal drug for arthritis is overcome by a mild physical exercise. One of mild physical exercise that is also a mental exercise is pyramid meditation. Even the pyramid meditation can relieve back pain and also very good in relieving arthritis pain.

So, if you are curious about pyramid meditation, you can start looking for references and perform with fellow coaches and your meditation group.

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