Movement and 7 Health Benefits of Shanti Yoga

Steps and 7 Health Benefits of Shanti Yoga

Hallo Female - If you are a fan of yoga, then you also need to know Shanti yoga. Yoga does have many types and many ways and movements can be distinguished, one of them is Shanti Yoga.

Shanti Yoga is not just about doing some yoga postures, but also involves the alignment of breath, concentration, gentle movement, awareness of one's body, healing and meditation. The movement is one of the healing movement of India which is also called Ayurveda.

Shanti Yoga movement has three steps, namely the outer yoga, inner yoga and integral yoga.

The first step: outer yoga
Outer yoga is a physical movement and poses performed aiming to strengthen the body, heating, increase flexibility, and make you more flexible and agile.

Step two: inner yoga
Inner yoga is the movement of the yoga poses that leads to healing and strengthening your yin organs or tissues to release, distribute and regulate the flow Prana or the chest area that will affect the rest of your body.

Step three: integral yoga
Integral yoga, the yoga movement to align and balance the soul, as well as discovering the connection between mind and body.

Shanti Yoga benefits include increasing the irregular sleep patterns, reduce muscle soreness, gives mental peace, reduce high blood pressure levels, reduce suffering joint problems, arthritis and rehabilitation for the mind.

If you happen to participate in a community or group of yoga exercise, try to ask what the Shanti yoga is and practice together.

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