What Should You Consider When Using Milk Bottles For Your Baby?

What Should You Consider When Using Milk Bottles For Your Baby?

Hallo Female - When you can not directly give exclusive breastfeeding, baby milk formula or pumped breast milk is an option you should take. You will use a bottle of milk to give this milk to your baby. There are a few things you should consider when using this bottle. Let's see what mistakes you should avoid when using milk bottles for your baby.

The right bottle 
There are many types of bottles in circulation. You need to really understand where the right bottle for your baby. In terms of size, material and others. Choose a truly precise and secure.

Sterilization of bottles
It's important to always keep a bottle sterile of bacteria. Always sterilize these bottles every time you will give your child milk. Wash the bottle with hot water on a regular basis to avoid the virus.
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Right portion 
Make sure you always follow the rules that exist in the milk box. This is the basic nutrients that will go on your child's body. Try to always provide the right dose.

Consider the flow of milk 
Consider the flow of milk to prevent the baby from infection. If the baby is already full but you still force him to drink the remaining milk in the bottle, the baby could choke and cause infection in the ear.

Breast milk bottles 
If you pump your breast milk, never warmed up in the microwave as this will eliminate all the minerals and vitamins that are in breast milk. If you want to give a warm milk then heated on the stove.

Keep an eye on baby 
Do not let the baby hold his own milk bottle because he could have choked. Keep an eye on when the baby is drinking milk bottle so as not to choke and vomit.

Those are some tips to consider when you give milk bottle for your baby. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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