4 Common Gym Mistakes That You Should Know

4 Common Gym Mistakes That You Should Know

Hallo Female - You go to the gym regularly for months or even years but the body shape you desire you never get? Well, it looks like you have to look back your way and habits when you do in the gym. Who knew something was wrong so the ideal body that you wish never materialized. Let's find out what mistakes you might do in the gym below.

Just do cardio exercises
Doing cardio exercises alone will not change your body. You should be able to combine cardio exercises and weight loss. Do this at least two times a week. The combination of these two exercises will not only shape the body and also makes you more slender, but also helps the body to be more fit.
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Weigh the body every day 
You should weigh your body but do not do it every day. Do it at least once a week. Body fluid changes every day and rather than weigh the body every day and get surprised by the change, it would be better to weigh once a week.

The same exercises 
When go to the gym, you will tend to do the same exercises over and over again. Variation is very important. Do not let you do the same exercises over and over again with no variation at all. If you normally do 30 minutes of running exercises, try to combine it with 10 minutes lift weights and remaining to stretching, or you can customize it to what you like. If you always do the same exercises over and over again then your body will get used and will not show any changes to your body.

When you go to the gym and you will meet more people. Why don't you join them by doing exercises together? In addition will add to your relationship, it will also make you more spirit to undergo training in order to get your body in shape.

Hopefully the information above is useful and you no longer make mistakes when do exercises in order to get a fit body.

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